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Why Host an Intern?

Become a Host Company

Internships offer keen students a chance to peek inside an industry and see the ins and outs of the workplace. But it’s not just students who stand to benefit. Employers are finding that they get some real benefits too.

  • Internships allow employers to discover potential young graduate hires.

  • Interns can provide fresh, up-to-date perspectives on ICT issues.

  • Mentoring can be mutually beneficial for students and host employer staff.

Hosting an intern provides Employers with many benefits which enables NEW FRESH talent to be sourced, and trained to suit the needs of the organization. Interns are often eager to impress and secure a position for themselves so will work hard to prove their worth.



Join us today and become a host company.

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MELBOURNE (Head Office)

Address: 3/131 Queen Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel: + 61 3 9600 0087


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Tel: +61 2 72269169

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Team Meeting

Nikki - Onsite Helper

"Igor is one of the best interns we have ever had. He has been doing great. He has mixed well with our team and been assisting us with the helpdesk since day 1. He is a quick learner with great communication skills. We wish him all the best for his future endeavors"

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