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About Us

The William Light Institute is a high quality educational institution located in the heart of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

At William Light you will experience a friendly atmosphere and intimate class sizes designed for effective learning outcomes.  Staff at The William Light Institute are passionate about providing students with courses that industry demands and the skills to be competitive in the job market.


To provide a 21st century learning experience that will prepare students for a successful career in a global society.  To be recognised internationally as a quality education and training provider.


The William Light Institute is building a tradition of innovation and professionalism in following the career of our namesake, Surveyor General William Light.  We will achieve this through excellent teaching across a focused range of career orientated disciplines and professions. We will be a growing, internationally orientated, financially sustainable organisation, with a clear set of directions and a fundamental focus on student learning. We will provide a vibrant intellectual environment that will be satisfying for staff, rewarding for students and relevant for business. We will contribute to society through the provision of opportunities for students to engage in and become a real part of Australian culture and community.

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The William Light Institute is committed to the highest intellectual and ethical standards in teaching and learning so as to prepare our students to make a positive impact in the community. The William Light Institute's values are based on the following commitments:

1.   We will pursue excellence in all we do

2.   Our focus is on student learning and maximising the benefits of education

3.   We will encourage and support freedom of inquiry, scholarship and expression

4.   We will encourage innovation and creativity

5.   We will listen, learn and collaborate with all our stakeholders

6.   We will facilitate our students becoming a part of Australian life and community whilst support students home cultures, tradition and ensure social justice

7.   We will operate with fairness, integrity and responsibility

Future Directions

The William Light Institute has successfully developed a track record in providing high quality courses for international students. Our supportive, friendly student oriented environment has allowed many students to thrive whilst at the same time ensuring that our educational standards are of the highest order.  The William Light Institute has also developed invaluable relationships with industry and this connectedness will ensure that we maintain the relevance of our courses to the job market.

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